All levels dressage teaching with Elena (Sokolovskaia) Golubitsky

International FEI Dressage Competitor & Trainer

USDF Regional Champion - USDF Silver & Gold Medalist - Medal Equestrian Foundation 

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Elena loves to work with, and develop, the serious adult amateurs from Trainig to FEI levels. Her incomparable experience as an international competitor, her unchallenged professionalism as a teacher or trainer, and last but not least, her communicative enthusiasm expressed with her soft Slavonic accent, have been charming her many students, riders ... or horses !



Barb Grove

& Tacoma, Trakehner

I began riding as a 40-year-old with a hot, young horse which was the exact opposite of what I needed. Through the years I got smarter about purchasing horses but did not make real progress until I found Elena. She took me from sitting the trot through obtaining my USDF Silver Medal in four years. Also, she helped me select my current horse 2 years ago and finish his training from Third Level through his successful entry into Grand Prix! I work closely in full training with Elena and still I am amazed when she pulls "new training gears" out of her expertise and creative ways to get them through to me!!

Ardis Billey

& Mo, Trakehner

For many years, I was training and competing in lower level eventing. I bought my horse, Hyala's Mastercharge or, as we call him more simply, Mo, a registered Trakehner by Inspekteur. Mo had begun his training as a jumper and then was trained in dressage. In my dressage training, I enjoy the discipline of learning and practicing these daily skills. Dressage training not only makes horses more beautiful in their work but also can keep them supple and fit as they age. Elena's thoughtful approach, her style, her enthusiasm are inspiring and motivating for her students. My goal is to prepare and ride musical freestyle. As a professional musician,  a concert harpist and a violin teacher, I am excited to create my own program on my iMac with Garage Band, Logic, Audacity, my music editing software.

Michelle Brogan

& Ratina, Rheinland Pfalz-saar

I purchased Ratina, a 17.1 hand dark brown/black Rheinland Pfalz-saar mare as a coming 3 year old and have been schooling her in dressage with Elena's careful guidance and watchful eye for the past 4 years. Elena has developped a program specifically tailored to address both my and Ratina's strengths and weaknesses. It ensures that we maintain forward progress without asking too much from my young sensitive mare.

I look forward to cultivating Ratina's talents with Elena's continued support and to a few successful horse shows along the way!

Berni Moauro

& Wyeth, Oldenburg

I have owned Wyeth, my 17.1 H Oldenburg gelding, for 5 years. He has some structural challenges but has a good heart. I have been training with Elena for 3 years and she has helped immensely by teaching us exercises which help to compact and balance Wyeth's long frame. I have been most impressed by Elena's patience and compassion with both horse and rider, while still expecting dedication and hard work. Her own dedication is inspiring as well, often riding early morning or late at night to accomplish her goals. She understands the "work-life-ride" balance because she juggles it every day as well. We are a hard working team with respect and appreciation for each other, our horses and our passion. We set high goals but still remember to enjoy every ride and every moment with our horses.