All levels dressage teaching with Elena (Sokolovskaia) Golubitsky

International FEI Dressage Competitor & Trainer

USDF Regional Champion - USDF Silver & Gold Medalist - Medal Equestrian Foundation 

"I Have Time"



Elena is teaching and training at Blue Moon Stables / Red Raider, Novelty/Russel, Ohio 44072, easily accessible from OH-306 or OH-87.

Blue Moon Stables features two large connected indoor arenas. One arena is entirely dedicated to dressage while the other one is reserved to hunters / jumpers. There is also an outdoor sand arena as well as 3.5 miles of trails.

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"I have time" should be the guiding word especially of dressage riders during the entire course of training and remind him of the fact that the goal of the classical art of riding is to be attained only by the gradual increase of demands."

Colonel Alois Podhajsky



Elena's philosophy fully embraces the quote made by  Colonel Alois Podhajsky (1898-1973), the director of the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, Austria as well as an Olympic medal-winner in dressage, riding instructor, and writer. Classical dressage is the partnership and the harmony of horse and rider "dancing together" which takes years of hard, but fun, work, concentration, and determination to achieve.



Top trainers have influenced Elena's successful riding and teaching career. As an FEI rider she has trained with noted International Olympian medal winners: Edward Gal, Steffen Peters, Lars Petersen, Michael Poulin, Victor Ugrumov, and FEI Judge Christopher Hess. Elena has also trained with World Cup Finalist Jan Ebeling, as well as Walter Zettl, and Major Miguel Tavora.



Whatever the formula you select, Full Time, Part Time, or Private Lesson, Elena will prepare for you and your horse a personalized teaching and/or training program, taking account of your riding level, your objectives, and last but not least your horse personality.

Teaching & Training Formulas


Elena offers a wide range of teaching and/or training formulas, from occasional to intensive. Whether you hire her to teach you, train your horse, or do both, she will always and conistently focus on the partnership rider/horse.







An intensive package including 20 Lessons or Sessions (45 minutes) per month, or an average of 5 Lessons/Sessions per week

Monthly Fees




An intermediate package including 10 Lessons or Sessions (45 minutes) per month (2/3 lessons per week)

Monthly Fees





Private 45 minute Lesson

Lesson Fees


Horse Sale or Purchase


Finding a suitable horse is generally an extensive procedure, all the more so as it now appears very trendy for many riders to look for a European horse. Fancy, possibly, but risky too. Elena will be happy to help you find the right horse next door, in the US or Canada. Based on her deep knowledge and expertise in all dressage matters as well as  her network of connections, she will find the right horse for you... and nobody else! She also takes horse on consignments to sell for the owners.